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"I lived in the village of Penglai", this is the fairy seven Huangmei Opera "goddess" in a sentence libretto. Want to come, Penglai is the fairy palace fairyland on earth will be a good place, the resulting sea legend, Xu Fu out to sea to find the Qin fairy story, lets the Penglai cast a layer of mystery. Penglai to know, Penglai will go to Long Island, as to Hainan will go to Sanya, to Beijing will go to Badaling as necessary.
I have a well-deserved reputation, you see that Penglaige: the mountains and the sea palaces in the moon, the column cornices Haitian rise steeply, the concept Yichao fairyland on earth, such as virtual magic floating the sky. Reportedly, mirage is one of the wonders of Penglai, was fortunate to see is the ten of one or two mirage, a place just north of Penglaige in the sea.
Penglaige is the opposite of Long Island, sailed for forty minutes. Sitting in the boat looking ahead, only to find he ships as boundless as the sea and sky, blue million hectares of waves push the snow, and in the side see ship ploughed out A shaped spray, Geng float sea fishermen in the breeding object binding with the waves, instantly feel no root foot ship shaking, but also realise that the pedal plate is steadfast heavy.
Looking at the boundless sea visual tired, once the scene's eyes suddenly like takes root. The outline of Long Island hazy in the front, more and more near louder and clearer. Pier, boat, mast, flags, and the Linhai mountain blocks of buildings, all this, color coordination of natural density, showing a sea fishing village.
Long Island, also known as the Changshan Islands, from thirty-two islands, the establishment of the Long Island County, jurisdiction under the Yantai city. The largest island in South Long Island is the seat of county government, is also the Long Island travel to the landing point. The car along a seawall north, to the north of Long Island. Listen to the tour guide said, the seawall was connected to the two island military facilities, the east look, now a bracket two inter Island steel Changhong is under construction.
Long Island tourism the main attractions in North Long Island, North Long Island is the essence of nine Zhangting cliff.
The air here is fresh and horrifying, set foot on the island is in the natural oxygen bar. An air crown let islanders proudly hang in the mouth, slightly salty flavor of the air to make travelers feel exceptionally smooth in absorbing room.
Nine Zhangting cliff is located in the northwest corner of North Long Island. Get into the area first Yingru eye is a Buddism godness Guanyin Bodhisattva method, a delicate texture, white marble carving as benevolent, stands in the doorway. Walk along the path is found from time to time, Zhang Guolao riding, Lv Dongbin statue in the square, green trees hidden deep or bright or dark. In this way, the cluster of flowers Pavilion, listen to the sound of waves, worshipped a Buddism godness Guanyin, seen square, has been to nine Zhangting cliff scenic essence, Lingao Yuanwang, a Haitian wonders appear in front of.
Here is the connection of mountain and sea, here are the days of fusion and the sea, here is the reefs and sea dialogue, here is the stone and cliff in the world.
Nine Zhangting cliff is a hundreds of meters of the giant cliff, it is nearly seventy meters high, in the field of high altitude too real feelings. Close below the line edge cliff, caves, caves different in, Yang present at the panorama, the towering cliff be zigzag, lithical hard texture clear. Erosion of the sea cliff forming concave convex fantasy dazzle people, which formed suspended without dropping a tremble with fear in one's boots. The thin layer is like a pages neatly pages, slightly thick strata acts like a bound books.
Sea blue sky, such as washing, the air is fresh, moist moist. The wind is strong, heavy rain washing, the unique geographical environment, the nine Zhangting cliff clean amazing. Rock color is red, white, black, grey, brown, different combinations of colors make people see things in a blur. Birds haunt the cliff top waterfowl circling, the white clouds in the blue sky and the breeze that had the perfect combination of the vicissitudes of life, calm and clever.
On one side is the side of the sea. Some rocks dotted the sea is little and dainty, many mountain cliff prominent bony grim sounding. Reefs in the sea by the white spray in hand with the impact of the waves, The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea legend attracted people of all ages and both sexes trembling walked on the cableway 'crossing Xianqiao,' at the moment, "I feel great immortal".
Slippery mountain trail clinging to old man who follow in sb.'s footsteps carefully before, smooth stones diffuse water seduce young people jumping. Cyclotron a bend, they do not see the former, climbing a cliff, after previous on the head. A pearl cave cave the nine Zhangting cliff top tip, this cave was' prepare for the present for the people 'living, today has been used for tourism development. The cliff top flat green lawn, a time native islanders sculpture stands in the escarpment. According to archaeological finds research, as early as four thousand or five thousand years ago, there have been occasional living vagrant. There are two sea big hole, big deep into the nearly thirty meters, four or five meters wide, it was the meeting place. The small hole adjacent to the nearly twenty meters deep, narrow curved, inside has the shape of the stone table and stool, also has two skylights, it is He Xiangu's bedroom.
Crescent Bay in the east of nine Zhangting cliff, hearing the name can imagine the shape of the bay. With high overlooking the sea beach, a beautiful coastline looks like a crescent moon. This aspect is the stone beach, strange is not strange, stone here as white as jade, smooth patches are abnormal, with treasures. Although limited pickup, but everyone still 'steal' take a few blocks for memorial.

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